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Microwave Ferrites

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Microwave Ferrites – HSMAG New Products !

Microwave Ferrites and Ceramics, Grantes - HSMAG New Products ! In recent years due to success in the field of microwave electronics a lot of devices of different applications were produced. The prospects for future development of microwave systems with predetermined characteristics are mainly assigned by ferrite choise. However the choise of a material for [...]

Ferrite-based components (Microwave)

From milliwatt to megawatt: Our technology fulfills tasks in the complete range. Ferrite-based components (Microwave). Ferrite-based components As pioneers of microwave technology we have been developing and producing ferrite-based non-reciprocal microwave components for more than 10 years. The core of these components consists of a statically pre-magnetised microwave ferrite. We dispose of a specialist [...]


We are able to complement our well-known, high-performance ceramic FRIALIT-DEGUSSIT materials with high-quality microwave ceramics and ferrites in China: Microwave ferrites: Spinels: 4pMS up to 5,000 Gauss; Ni-Zn, Mg-Mn, Li-Ferrites, losses Garnets: low loss – high efficiency; Al-YIG, Al-Gd, Al-In, Ca-V-In YIG Dielectric ferrite composites: Single and/or double toroidal formats for phase converters Dielectric ceramic [...]

Microwave Ferrite Circulator

Microwave Ferrite Circulator This microwave circulator is a microstrip design with a 12 mm radius. The magnetized ferrite material has a biasing field of 300 Oe in the -z direction perpendicular to the circulator plane and a saturation magnetization of 300 Gauss. The three microstrip lines forming the ports are terminated with 120 ohm resistors [...]


FERRITES FOR YOUR MICROSTRIP CIRCULATORS/ISOLATORS Increasing demands in design miniaturization of high frequency applications involve the development of planar circuit technology using microstrip transmission lines resulting in the need of stripline Y-junction circulators. Military applications operating at millimeter wavelength require very high-end ferrite material at such high frequencies. HSMAG is one of suppliers making its [...]

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