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microwave components

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Ferrites and Dielectrics

Ferrites and Dielectrics Ferrites As a pioneer in the production of low-loss non-reciprocal microwave components, we use only high-quality carefully-chosen raw materials for our ferrite manufacturing. The entire operation, from raw oxide powder processing to sintering, to cutting and grinding is in-house. We therefore have full control of all stages of the process and there [...]

Ferrite-based components (Microwave)

From milliwatt to megawatt: Our technology fulfills tasks in the complete range. Ferrite-based components (Microwave). Ferrite-based components As pioneers of microwave technology we have been developing and producing ferrite-based non-reciprocal microwave components for more than 10 years. The core of these components consists of a statically pre-magnetised microwave ferrite. We dispose of a specialist [...]

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