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Magnets Quality

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HS Magnets vs Other Magnets Quality

HS Magnets vs Other Magnets Quality 1, Discolor of surface. bad control in coating 2, Polishing scratch. bad control in mechanical 3, Invisible crack. serious quality problem 4, Inside-out scratch. serious quality problem 5, Visible chip. bad control in packing HS Magnets vs Other Magnets Customized Size N35H Grade Motor Curved Neodymium Magnet [...]

HSMAG Magnets Manufacturing & Quality

HSMAG Magnets Manufacturing & Quality OEM Service Neodymium magnets are custom-made. We devote ourselves to the research and development of sintered NdFeB magnet since the company’s establishment. With the abundant experiences and stable technical craft, we can produce highly precise and intricately shaped sintered NdFeB magnet with different shape such as block, ring, segment and [...]

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