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Magnetizationed NdFeB Magnet

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Recycling of Additively Printed Rare-earth Bonded Magnets

Recycling of Additively Printed Rare-earth Bonded Magnets In this work, we describe an efficient and environmentally benign method of recycling of additive printed Nd−Fe−B polymer bonded magnets. Rapid pulverization of bonded magnets into composite powder containing Nd-Fe-B particles and polymer binder was achieved by milling at cryogenic temperatures. The recycled bonded magnets fabricated by warm [...]

Magnetizationed NdFeB Permanent Magnet, Easy to Attract

Magnetizationed NdFeB Permanent Magnet Easy to Attract NdFeB permanent magnet material is a kind of reserve metal materials, with the continuous expansion of modern science and technology, its use has also been widely used. magnetizationed-ndfeb-permanent-magnet NdFeB permanent magnet material stored in moderate temperature and humidity, in the absence of other effects of magnetic [...]

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