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magnetic viewing paper

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Assemblies Magnet Selection

Assemblies Magnet Selection - HSMAG offers a wide selection of Assemblies magnet products. on your desired product type for stock product specifications. Round Base Magnets Our round base magnet assemblies are made with either ceramic or neodymium magnets combined with steel cups. Assemblies Magnet Selection Channel Magnets These rectangular base magnets channel great [...]

Magnetic Field Viewer Film Paper

Magnetic Field Viewer Film & Paper This same film is used by professionals, like engineers, developers and researchers to find out the magnetic field distribution when a group of magnets are involved. It is also used in the fabrication industry to image the internal defect of a steel part combined with an X-Ray machine. Encased [...]

April 18th, 2016|Magnetic Field, Magnetism|

How Magnetic Field Viewing Film Works?

Magnetic field viewing film (also called magnetic viewing paper) is made of millions of tiny magnetic flakes suspended in clear oil. This oil is then sandwiched between two sheets of plastic. The magnetic viewing film can then be used to “see” the pattern of magnetization. When a magnet is placed under the viewing film, the [...]

April 18th, 2016|Magnetic Field, Magnetism|
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