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magnetic tool holder

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Magnetic Toolholder

Magnetic Toolholder HOLDING POWER! hobby magnet, Magnetic tool holder, Toolholder magnets, versatile magnet MAGNETIC TOOLHOLDER Fitted with strong magnets Not just a pretty accessory! Suitable for a WIDE variety of uses…. This Magnetic Toolholder is a perfect for both your small and light bits and pieces that get lost in your toolbox to your heavier [...]

Cherry Magnetic Tool Holder

 Cherry Magnetic Tool Holder,  Cherry Wood Magnetic Tool Holders The  Cherry Magnetic Tool Holder is a well made and attractive magnetic tool holder. It has a series of powerful rare-earth magnets concealed under a grain-matched veneer to hold knives and other small ferro-magnetic utensils or tools at the ready. Cherry Magnetic Tool Holder The wood [...]

Magnetic Tool Bars

These magnetic tool bars (1-3/4" wide) will hold knives in the kitchen or tools in the HSMAG. Made from solid wood with two inlaid magnetic strips. Mounted on a wall, either will comfortably hold a 1" wide, 3 lb object. magnetic tool bars Maximum capacity will depend on the amount of surface area [...]

Standoff Magnetic Tool Holder

Standoff Magnetic Tool Holder, magnetic standoff, bare magnet, rare-earth magnet If you use only a bare magnet to hold a chuck, key or wrench in place, sometimes the magnet comes away with the tool. Equally inconvenient, a small magnet can leave you scrabbling to get your fingers far enough under a wrench to pry it off. This magnetic [...]

Magnetic Studs

 Magnetic Studs,  Stud Magnets use method, magnetic tool holder With these simple magnetic studs, you can add a magnetic tool holder just about anywhere you can drill a 1/4" hole. Magnetic Studs With a 5/8" diameter head, the black oxide finished steel body has an embedded 1/2" rare-earth magnet at one end and a wide-thread screw [...]

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