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Magnetic sweepers

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Assemblies Magnet Selection

Assemblies Magnet Selection - HSMAG offers a wide selection of Assemblies magnet products. on your desired product type for stock product specifications. Round Base Magnets Our round base magnet assemblies are made with either ceramic or neodymium magnets combined with steel cups. Assemblies Magnet Selection Channel Magnets These rectangular base magnets channel great [...]

Industrial Magnetic Sweep

Industrial Magnetic Sweep, Strong Industrial Sweep The 18" wide body of this Industrial Magnetic Sweep can pick up about two pounds of material, whether it is metal shavings in a machine shop or fasteners on a construction site. When the quick-release handle on the aluminum housing is pulled up, the magnet bar withdraws to ensure quick [...]

Magnetic Sweep

Magnetic Sweep, strong magnetic sweep This strong magnetic sweep will pick up anything from tiny tacks and needles to large bolts, holding as much as 2 lb per sweep. Commonly used in shops to clear steel chips and shavings, it is equally useful for collecting hardware from driveways or lawns, particularly after general construction work or [...]

What are the different types of forklift magnetic sweeper?

Different two types of forklift magnetic sweeper by HSMAG: Eyebolt forklifts Eye bolt forklift magnetic sweeper The eyebolts on this variety of forklift magnetic sweeper enable it to be mounted elsewhere on the forklift truck and on things like gantry cranes, through hanging chains, or rope. They can also be connected to industrial [...]

What is a forklift magnetic sweeper?

A forklift magnetic sweeper has been specifically created to fit onto a forklift truck. forklift magnetic sweeper There are two types of forklift magnetic sweeper: one with fork pockets and one with eyehole bolts. eye bolt and fork pocket forklift magnetic sweepers They are used to remove ferromagnetic materials from roads [...]

Types of push magnetic sweeper

There are two types of push magnetic sweeper or magnetic broom available: heavy-duty and standard. Standard push magnetic sweepers A standard push magnetic sweeper is very simplistic in its makeup as it has two small wheels to help manoeuvre the magnet and a long thin handle. These types of push magnetic sweeper are generally quite [...]

What is a push magnetic sweeper?

Push magnetic sweeper is magnetic broom. A push magnetic sweeper is a type of magnetic sweeper that has wheels and a handle attached to the magnet to enable it to be pushed along the floor easily. Push magnetic sweepers are ideal for use in small spaces where pieces of metal have been dropped. There are [...]

How to use a hand-held magnetic sweepers

Here HSMAG tell you : How to use a hand-held magnetic sweepers Lift up hand-held magnetic sweeper Step 1 - Lift up hand-held magnetic sweeper Hold the magnet by the handle and lift it up to a comfortable height. The best height would be 4" from the surface you are sweeping. Step 2 [...]

What is a hand-held magnetic sweeper?

hand-held magnetic sweeper A hand-held magnetic sweeper has a single long handle across the magnet that allows a user to carry it. It also has a singular block magnet which collects the dropped ferrous material. What are the different parts of a hand-held magnetic sweeper? handle of a hand-held magnetic sweeper [...]

Which type of magnetic sweeper should you choose?

forklift truck trailer magnetic sweeper If you are using a magnetic sweeper for a large surface area, the best type to choose would be the trailer magnetic sweeper. This is because it can be easily attached to a variety of vehicles and moved over a large area easily. push magnetic sweepers pick [...]

August 8th, 2016|HSMAG News, Magnetic Kownledge, Magnetic Sweepers|

What is a magnetic sweeper?

magnetic sweeper pick up ferromagnetic material A magnetic sweeper is a type of magnet that is used to pick up dropped pieces of ferromagnetic material e.g. screws push magnetic sweepers pick up dropped material Magnetic sweepers make cleaning up dropped material fast and easy. They do this by attracting all the [...]

August 8th, 2016|HSMAG News, Magnetic Kownledge, Magnetic Sweepers|

How does a magnetic sweeper work?

Magnetic sweeper work by attracting ferromagnetic materials from different surfaces Push magnetic sweeper and forklift magnetic sweeper A ferromagnetic material is a term for anything attracted by a magnetic force. To be ferromagnetic it must contain a element of iron, nickel, cobalt, or gadolinium Magnetic force of a standard push magnetic sweepers picking [...]

What are magnetic sweepers used for?

Ferromagnetic materials screw, bolt, nut, washer, staple Magnetic sweeper are used to clear small pieces of ferromagnetic material e.g. nuts, bolts and nails. They can remove pieces of ferromagnetic material from workshop floors, fields, or even standing water. Push magnetic sweeper and forklift magnetic sweeper Push magnetic sweeper being used on grass [...]

What are the different types of permanent magnet?

There are many different types of permanent magnets available such as horseshoe magnets and weld clamp magnets. Here are a few details about the magnets covered in this guide: Bar magnets Bar magnets are a type of magnet where the length is greater than the width. They can be used in a large variety of [...]