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Magnetic Stir Bars

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Teflon-Coated Magnetic Stir Bar

Teflon-Coated Magnetic Stir Bar, PTFE Teflon coated magnetic stirring bars, Spinwedge Magnetic Stirrer Bars Teflon-coating Stirrers and Stir Bars A magnetic stir bar is a magnet that is encased in material that won’t react with the fluid it is immersed in. The HSMAG stir bar magnets included a molded layer of PTFE (a.k.a. Teflon), which [...]

Magnetic Stirring Bar Selection & Use

Magnetic Stirring Bar Selection & Use Magnetic stirring is used in a number of common laboratory procedures, yet the importance of selecting the best stirring bar for each particular application is often overlooked. The drive magnet, vessel shape, viscosity and abrasiveness of the materials should all be considered when choosing the size, shape [...]

Magnetic Stir Bars

Stir Bars, Pyrex Glass, High Torque, Long Lasting, Spectrophotometer Cuvette, Protective Capsule and Centering Beaker with Cover The Spinbar® Pyrex Glass, Spinbar® High Torque, Spinfinity® Long Lasting, Spinbar® Cuvette, Spinbar® Capsule stir bars and the Centering Beaker with Cover offer different materials for different performance, designs for specific tasks, or protective and centering features. The [...]

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