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Magnetic Round Base

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Neodymium Magnet Base with Rubber Coating

Neodymium Magnet Base with Rubber Coating, and 1/4”-20 Male Threaded Stud, Vertical Magnetic Pull-Force 18.5lbs No-Slip,Anti-Scratch Strong Magnet Mount for Camera, Pan Heads Much Stronger of Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnet: 18.5lb Vertical Magnetic Pull Force On Base of 0.33''(10mm) Thickness Steel Plate due to Neodymium Magnet N42. No scratch and bigger friction of magnet: the [...]

Customer’s Heavy Duty Magnetic Flashlight Holder

Ferrite Magnetic Round Base 5 inch dia HSMAG's customer product Heavy Duty Magnetic Flashlight Holder or Tool Holder usd our pot magnets, 5' Dia Ferrite Magnetic Round Base: Pot Magnet Merial: Ferrite or Ceramic Diameter: 5-inch Pull Force: 200 pound Coating: Black Magnetic FlashLight Holder can accommodate any size, shape or weight flashlight. 200 pound [...]

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