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Magnetic Research

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New Asylum Research Accessory Enables Advanced Magnetics Research

New Asylum Research Accessory Enables Advanced Magnetics Research Under Both In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Applied Magnetic Fields Asylum Research announced their new MFP-3D Variable Field Module (VFM4) accessory for Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) which enable measurements under applied in-plane and out-of-plane magnetic fields in order to better understand their effects on nanoscale magnetic domain structure. The [...]

Researchers discover ‘superatoms’ with magnetic shells

Researchers discover 'superatoms' with magnetic shells, magnetic superatoms, magnetic moment, magnetic character, magnesium A team of Virginia Commonwealth University scientists has discovered a new class of 'superatoms' – a stable cluster of atoms that can mimic different elements of the periodic table – with unusual magnetic characteristics. The superatom contains magnetized magnesium atoms, an element traditionally considered as non-magnetic. [...]

A Magnetic Handle Put into Nanoparticles

A long-sought goal of creating particles that can emit a colorful fluorescent glow in a biological environment, and that could be precisely manipulated into position within living cells, has been achieved by a team of researchers at MIT and several other institutions. The finding is reported this week in the journal Nature Communications. The new [...]

Magnetic Nanoparticles

Magnetic Nanoparticles When a piece of a magnetic material is made smaller and smaller, is acquires simpler magnetic domain structure since less domain walls are needed in order to minimize the stray field energy. The extreme limit is represented by single domain particles. Below a size of about 500 nm it is no [...]

Magnets to Remove Cancer Cells

Researches at Georgia Institute of Technology have found a new way to identify and potentially eliminate cancerous cells, in ovarian cancer. With ovarian cancer, metastasis happens when cells slough off the primary tumor and drift free in the abdominal cavity. If scientists could use the magnetic nanoparticles to trap drifting cancer cells and pull them [...]

June 16th, 2016|HSMAG News, Magnetic Research, Magnetic Technology|

“C”-shaped High Field Permanent Magnet Assemblies

“C”-shaped High Field Permanent Magnet Assemblies HS Magnetech recently announced the design and development of a 2+ Tesla Permanent Magnet Assembly for a Magnetic Research and Development application in the medical industry. We developed this “C” magnet technology to induce a high magnetic field into a defined area. The “C” magnet is one [...]

HSMAG Toroid Magnet Design Achieves Self-Contained Magnetic Field

Toroid Magnet Design HangSeng Magnetech was recently engaged to produce a unique toroid magnet with a self-contained and homogenous field. While the design parameters seemed challenging, George Mizzell was able to develop and design a magnet that far exceeded expectations. Toroid Magnet Design The customer request was to develop a toroid magnet that was in [...]

World’s Most Powerful Magnet Under Construction

Multiply the magnetic field strength of a refrigerator magnet by 2 million and you'll be in the ballpark of the strength of the magnet that researchers at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, based near Florida State University in Tallahassee, are trying to create. When completed later this year, the pulsed electromagnet, located at the [...]

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