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Magnetic Pump Couplings

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Traditional Magnetic Coupling

Traditional Magnetic Coupling Traditional magnetic couplings have a magnet internal to the pump which is attached to the driving gear. The magnet can be a simple ferrite magnet or, for higher coupling strengths, a magnet made from rare earth metals. Typically, the magnet is encased in a metal or plastic jacket to prevent contact with [...]


HOW OUR MAGNETIC COUPLING IS MADE Above a typical application History Longer than 40 years went out since we began collaborating with various Italian companies specialized in the design and construction of machines and systems to produce and molding polyurethane components. Many of these companies are now international leaders and are an excellence of the [...]


PERMANENT MAGNETIC COUPLING SOLUTIONS BY HSMAG INNOVATION QUALITY EXPERIENCE A magnetic coupling is a system that transfers torque from one shaft to another using a magnetic field rather than a physical mechanical connection.Magnetic couplings are the most of the times used in pumps and propeller systems. This way a static physical barrier can be placed [...]

Examples of applications using Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnet Application Applications OF Neodymium Magnets Computer Hard Drive Magnets Microphones Headphones Dentures Loudspeakers Magnetic Pump Couplings Door Catches Magnetic Suspension Motors (e.g. washing machines, drills, food mixers, vacuum cleaners, hand dryers) Generators (e.g. Wind turbines, Wave Power, Turbo Generators, etc) Sensors Orthopaedics Halbach Arrays Jewellery Healthcare MRI and NMR Magnetic Separators [...]

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