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Magnetic Palletiser

Magnetic Palletiser - This type of magnetic transporter / palletiser is used for transporting and/or palletising any type of metallic tins or containers with metallic lids. They can be produced in many sizes depending on the weight, measurements and amount of tins/containers which are to be transported. Characteristics: Magnetic Transporters / Palletisers are especially appropriate [...]

What is a hand-held magnetic sweeper?

hand-held magnetic sweeper A hand-held magnetic sweeper has a single long handle across the magnet that allows a user to carry it. It also has a singular block magnet which collects the dropped ferrous material. What are the different parts of a hand-held magnetic sweeper? handle of a hand-held magnetic sweeper [...]

How does pot magnet work?

a through hole pot magnet A pot magnet works by attaching itself to ferromagnetic materials with the help of its magnetic field, or to non-ferromagnetic materials with the help of fittings (such as studs and threaded holes) on the top of its steel shell. steel shell on a pot magnet The [...]

May 28th, 2016|How To, Magnetic Field, Pot Magnets|
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