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magnetic polarization

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Surface Magnetism Field

Surface Magnetism Field Surface magnetism refers to the magnetic induction intensity at a certain point on the surface of the magnet, and the unit is Gauss Gs or Tesla T (1T=10000Gs). The surface magnetism at different positions on the surface of the magnet is not the same. Generally speaking, "surface magnetism" refers to the center [...]

Magnetic Moment

Magnetic Moment The generation of the magnetic field can be divided into two aspects: one is based on the moving current (electromagnetic induction), and the other is based on the spin of the basic particles of matter. The first is the magnetic effect of current that we are more familiar with, which is the magnetic [...]

Magnetic induction B and magnetic polarization J

Magnetic induction B and magnetic polarization J Practice and theory have proved that when a ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic substance is magnetized in a magnetic field, in addition to the magnetic field in the substance, because the magnetic moments of the atoms of the ferromagnetic substance turn to the direction of the external magnetic field, it [...]

Magnetic Storage Taken to the Atomic Scale

2006, When it comes to data storage, there’s no such thing as too much. But hard drive makers are finding that as they try to pack more magnetic bits onto their discs, it becomes impossible to target just one with the magnetic field needed to write the data, because the field needed to change one [...]

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