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17 Surprising Ways To Use A Magnetic Pickup Tool

17 Surprising Ways To Use A Magnetic Pickup Tool There are more uses for that magnetic pickup tool than just screws and nails. According to General Tools: When most people think of using a magnetic pickup tool they think of the most basic uses: picking up nails and screws that they have dropped on the [...]

Telescoping Pick Up Magnets

Telescoping Pick Up Magnets, Telescoping magnet, Telescoping pick up magnets, Led Pick Up Tool Telescopic Magnetic Magnet For Picking Nuts And Bolts, Portable telescoping magnetic pickup tool, extending magnet pick up tool for handheld tool , Portable Magnetic Telescopic Pick Up Tool This telescoping magnet is the ideal tool around the house or on the [...]

Pocket Magnet / Pin Retriever

Pocket Magnet / Pin Retriever, magnetic pick-up tools We normally sell these Pocket Magnet / Pin Retriever magnetic pick-up tools for shop use to retrieve small parts like nuts, bolts and washers from inaccessible places, but one of our customers assures us that one of them is a necessity when she is sewing. Pocket Magnet [...]

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