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Magnetic Mounting Base

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Magnetic Microphone Base for Microphone Holder

Magnetic Microphone Base for Microphone Holder How it Works Magnetic Microphone Base enhances safety by reducing distracted driving. This easy-to-use conversion kit helps drivers stay focused on the road when picking up and returning a CB or police radio microphone to its holder. Microphone Adapter Designed for universal compatibility Magnetic Microphone Base’s microphone adapter is [...]

Magnetic Microphone Mount

Magnetic microphone mount Powerful neodymium magnet with 3/8" adapter (most common microphone thread). Comes in two different strengths (standard – 140 N and extra – 350 N). The 3/8" adapter is custom made from stainless steel and detachable. Thread on the magnet is M6 (6 mm). magnetic_microphone_mount Neodymium magnets may cause interference with [...]

Led Work Light Magnetic Base

Led Work Light Magnetic Base 1. Pot magnet basically classified into 01 series(C type), 04 series(A type), 06 series(B type), 08 Series(D TYPE), another 10 series 2. Material, normal is Metal Q235 + NdFeB magnets, there are also Brass, alumium, stainless, Smco, Alnico, ferrite 3. Standard: DIN 315 4. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CTI, ROHS Led [...]

120 Volt Light Magnetic Mount

120 Volt Light Magnetic Mount Features: Portable, handheld light with large handle and adjustable magnetic mount is ideal for indoor and outdoor, wet applications.  Designed as a blasting light, for sand blasting and power washing applications inside of tanks and vessels, this lights unique, durable construction is useful for the most demanding applications. The operator [...]

Mounting the device magnet-mount kit

Mounting the device with a magnet, magnet-mount kit, magnetic mount kit Use the magnet-mount kit to mount the device on a metal wall or a metal surface, including underneath a metal desk. The magnet-mount kit is available for order separately from the device and consists of a single magnet sheet. magnet-mount kit Before mounting the device [...]

Magnetic Spotlight w/ Control Handle

Magnetic Spotlight w/ Control Handle - 70 Watt Halogen - Adjustable - Waterproof, 24 Volt - Hand Magnetic spotlight - Military HUMVEE - 10 Million Candle Power HSMAG's magnetic mounting base design for client, be used customer' s product magnetic spotlight with control handle 24 volt. The magnetic base also called kown as Ferrite Magnetic Round [...]

Customer’s Product – Magnetic Mount 60 Watt Low Profile LED Flood Light

ceramic magnetic mouting base HSMAG's Customer Product - Magnetic Mount 60 Watt Low Profile LED Flood Light used HSMAG's FPM-RB03 ferrite round base magnet for mounting light. Dia 124.841mm, 200LB magnetic force, ceramic magnetic mouting base. Customer Product Informantion: The LEDWP-600E-M-6C Magnetic Mount LED Flood Light offers high light output from a compact [...]

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