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magnetic mount kit

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10 Best Magnetic Car Mount – Smart & Easy Phone Mount in 2019

10 Best Magnetic Car Mount - Smart & Easy Phone Mount in 2019 The Magnetic car mount has taken prominence in the marketplace as a response to an increase in the number of mobile phone related car accidents reported over the last decade. Car mounts offer a safer, less distracting means of communication, more so [...]

120 Volt Light Magnetic Mount

120 Volt Light Magnetic Mount Features: Portable, handheld light with large handle and adjustable magnetic mount is ideal for indoor and outdoor, wet applications.  Designed as a blasting light, for sand blasting and power washing applications inside of tanks and vessels, this lights unique, durable construction is useful for the most demanding applications. The operator [...]

Mounting the device magnet-mount kit

Mounting the device with a magnet, magnet-mount kit, magnetic mount kit Use the magnet-mount kit to mount the device on a metal wall or a metal surface, including underneath a metal desk. The magnet-mount kit is available for order separately from the device and consists of a single magnet sheet. magnet-mount kit Before mounting the device [...]

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