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Magnetic measurement

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A Breakthrough in Magnetic Material Surface Technology

A Breakthrough in Magnetic Material Surface Technology A few days ago, the magnetic material surface technical team of the Institute of Rare Earth Materials of Baotou Rare Earth Research Institute used the plasma spraying-grain boundary diffusion method to use heavy rare earth oxides to change the coercivity of the 50M magnet under the condition of [...]

How to Measure the Density of Magnetic Materials?

How to Measure the Density of Magnetic Materials? Materials that respond in a certain way to a magnetic field are called magnetic materials. According to the magnetic strength of the material in the external magnetic field, it can be divided into diamagnetic material, paramagnetic material, ferromagnetic material, antiferromagnetic material and ferrimagnetic material. Ferromagnetic substances and [...]

Magnetics Technology Flying Mission to the Sun

Magnetics technology is flying high, hot and cold in the European Space Agency’s Solar Orbiter mission to the sun. An extremely sensitive magnetometer built by Imperial College of London is a central element of the journey. A pair of specially configured Neodymium permanent-magnet micromotors from Maxon are also onboard playing a crucial supporting role, and [...]

Magnetic Units of Measurement

Magnetic Units of Measurement If the burden of two systems of measurement for common quantities (English vs. metric) throws your mind into confusion, this is not the place for you! Due to an early lack of standardization in the science of magnetism, we have been plagued with no less than three complete systems of measurement [...]

Magnetic Capacity Measurement

Magnetic Capacity Measurement 1. Magnetic capacity measurement a) Magnetic Properties: Br, Hcb, Hcj,(BH)max, Hk, Ms,μrec, Hk/ Hcj etc. b) The test instrument used is the Hysteresisgraph tester. c) Hcj value between 50 and 20,000 Oe can be measured. 2. Magnetic Properties at high and low temperatures (-40 to 250 ºC): Properties tested at any temperature [...]

Magnetic Measurement for Sensor Technology

Magnetic measurement is using a scale where the patterns are defined with magnetic north and south poles. The different types of sensor technology - Hall sensors or magneto resistive sensors - are used to read the magnetic pattern and convert them to a electric signal that is used for a motion controller or other electronic [...]

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