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Magnetic losses

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4 Factors Causing Your Magnets to Get Weaker

4 Factors Causing Your Magnets to Get Weaker Get the most value from your investment by avoiding potential magnet-weakening forces. Here's how! Whether you are buying magnets for home, office, hobby, or industrial use, you surely want to protect your new purchase to ensure they last as long as possible and stay as strong as [...]

Magnets Are Still Effective Under Extreme Temperatures

Magnets Are Still Effective Under Extreme Temperatures Want to know if your magnet will function properly under extreme temperatures? Read our blog or give us a call today to find out. Temperature has a variety of effects on magnetic materials Our customers are always curious about the effect temperature has on the magnets they need. [...]

Magnet Time Dependent Losses

Magnet Time Dependent Losses Even when the working point of a magnet is well above the knee, small irreversibel losses may take place when the magnet is first time heated to the operating temperature. This is due to the fact that corners and edges of a magnet are less stable and thus easier to demagnetize [...]

June 16th, 2018|HSMAG News, Magnetic Kownledge, Magnetic Research|

Magnetic losses

Magnetic losses Reversible losses are normal behavior for all magnetic materials. As the remanence of the all the magnetic materials decreases with increasing temperature, the temperature coefficient is negative, it is to be expected that the magnetic field of a magnet also will decrease with an increase of the temperature. However, this decrease of magnetic [...]

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