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Magnetic Holder

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Magnetic Microphone Base for Microphone Holder

Magnetic Microphone Base for Microphone Holder How it Works Magnetic Microphone Base enhances safety by reducing distracted driving. This easy-to-use conversion kit helps drivers stay focused on the road when picking up and returning a CB or police radio microphone to its holder. Microphone Adapter Designed for universal compatibility Magnetic Microphone Base’s microphone adapter is [...]

Magnetic Microphone Mount

Magnetic microphone mount Powerful neodymium magnet with 3/8" adapter (most common microphone thread). Comes in two different strengths (standard – 140 N and extra – 350 N). The 3/8" adapter is custom made from stainless steel and detachable. Thread on the magnet is M6 (6 mm). magnetic_microphone_mount Neodymium magnets may cause interference with [...]

Pot Magnet: An Undervalued Magnetic Assembly

Pot Magnet: An Undervalued Magnetic Assembly Pot Magnet - Most users think that the production process of pot magnet as easy as below flow chart, but it is not true. In order to meet various requirements, the manufacturers need to consider many factors to satisfy the customer-specified pull force. Pot magnet with external thread, rubber linning [...]

Magnetic Pot Magnets

Magnetic Pot Magnets, Cup magnets, Mounting magnets, Magnetic holder, Magnetic hook, Round base magnet We offer Magnetic Pot Magnet:Pot Magnet with External Threaded Stud / Boss Mounting, Pot Magnet with Internal Threaded Mounting (Deep Pot), Pot Magnet with Countersunk Mounting (Shallow Pot), Pot Magnet with Through Hole Mounting, Pot Magnet with Internal Threaded Stud / [...]

Led Work Light Magnetic Base

Led Work Light Magnetic Base 1. Pot magnet basically classified into 01 series(C type), 04 series(A type), 06 series(B type), 08 Series(D TYPE), another 10 series 2. Material, normal is Metal Q235 + NdFeB magnets, there are also Brass, alumium, stainless, Smco, Alnico, ferrite 3. Standard: DIN 315 4. Certification: ISO9001, SGS, CTI, ROHS Led [...]

Magnetic Cord Holder

 Magnetic Cord Holder - Cords are great tie-downs, but you frequently have nothing to attach them to. Not any more. We designed a holder, incorporating one of our 1" dia. rare-earth magnets, that is low profile and has a 1/4" cross-drilled hole to accept hooks. The holder also has a 1" split ring to hold [...]

Magnetic Pencil Holder

Magnetic Pencil Holder - The seed of this product was a letter and well-chewed pencil we received from the wife of a carpenter who had a safety concern. The problem was that her husband could not hold his pencil above his ear due to earmuffs, so he was constantly holding it in his mouth. Her [...]

Magnetic Curtain Rod Holders

HSMAG Magnetic Curtain Rod Holders - Until now, hanging a curtain on a windowed steel door required unsightly and permanent holes to be drilled. With our magnetic curtain rod holders, you can hang curtains without marking the door or degrading its insulation properties. Magnetic Curtain Rod Holders The 5/8" round steel holders contain [...]

The HSMAG Car Mount Kit

HSMAG Car Mount Kit, Magnetic phone holders, Dash Ball Mounts, Magnetic Phone Socket The HSMAG Car Mount Kit is the perfect combination of simplicity and functionality. This magnetic two-piece ball mount kit allows you to effortlessly attach your phone to your dashboard so you can keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the [...]

New Product: Kitchen Magnetic Knife Strip

HSMAG New Product: Kitchen Magnetic Knife Strip Kitchen Magnetic Knife Strip Holders or Utensil Holders are perfect for any kitchen, bar or recreational vehicle. Hold, display and organize knives, utensils and cooking tools. There are magnetic knife holders of different materials for your choice – wooden one and plastic one. – HSMAG magnetic knife holders strip bar [...]

Customer’s Heavy Duty Magnetic Flashlight Holder

Ferrite Magnetic Round Base 5 inch dia HSMAG's customer product Heavy Duty Magnetic Flashlight Holder or Tool Holder usd our pot magnets, 5' Dia Ferrite Magnetic Round Base: Pot Magnet Merial: Ferrite or Ceramic Diameter: 5-inch Pull Force: 200 pound Coating: Black Magnetic FlashLight Holder can accommodate any size, shape or weight flashlight. 200 pound [...]

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