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Magnetic Handle Holder

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Magnetic Cord Holder

 Magnetic Cord Holder - Cords are great tie-downs, but you frequently have nothing to attach them to. Not any more. We designed a holder, incorporating one of our 1" dia. rare-earth magnets, that is low profile and has a 1/4" cross-drilled hole to accept hooks. The holder also has a 1" split ring to hold [...]

What is Powerful Handle Magnets?

Powerful Handle Magnets (Magnetic Handle Holder, Strong Power Hand Held Magnets) Handle magnets are perfect magnetic tools that are used for retrieving scattered ferrite objects, including screws, nuts, nails and bolts. Meanwhile, they can be used to lift heavy metal objects. such as shelving, beams and doors. Handle Magnets feature solid steel construction with welded machine. [...]

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