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magnetic generator

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Permanent Magnets Motors & Generators

Permanent Magnets Motors & Generators, Generators with permanent magnets, Motors with permanent magnets Three-phase synchronous generators with permanent magnets are manufactured in our Institute. Generators are dedicated for use mostly in small hydroelectric or small wind power plants. They are characterized by very high efficiency (up to 97%), which is much higher than in case [...]

Magnetic Measurement Solutions for Machine Tools

Magnetic Measurement Solutions for Machine Tools - The machine tool industry is using magnetic measurement solutions for many applications. Positioning of stages, motion control of linear or rotary drives, spindle control to name a few. The harsh environment of machine tools is well suited for magnetic measurement. Applications include wood processing and sheet metal working [...]

Magnetic Energy

Magnetic Energy - What if you walked out of your house and entered the car of the future, which looked like a donut? You push a button and the vehicle rises about a foot from the ground. A small thruster moves the vehicle forward as the vehicle follows an electromagnetic strip embedded in the road [...]

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