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Magnetic Gears

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Magnet Gear / Magnetic Wheel

Magnet Gear / Magnetic Wheel Magnet Gear also known as the magnetic wheel, is the principle of interaction between magnet attraction and repulsion. Non-contact power transmission. Magnetic gears are products that are driven in a clean environment in a non-contact state. An alternative to mechanical gears driven by friction. Magnetic wheels can fundamentally put an [...]

Types of Magnetic Gears

Types of Magnetic Gears - Based on their operations, magnetic gears can be classified into three types: linear magnetic gears (LMGs), coaxial magnetic gears (CMGs), and axial magnetic gears (AMGs). For LMGs and CMGs, the magnetic flux is typically generated radially inward or outward with reference to the shaft axis. However, for AMGs, magnetic flux [...]

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