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Choosing The Best Magnetic Sweepers For Picking Up Metal

Choosing The Best Magnetic Sweepers For Picking Up Metal Looking to add a magnetic sweeper to your shop or factory? Consider this. According to Nerd Techy: “Anywhere there’s been construction, you’re going to find loose nails, bolts, screws, and similar metal fragments. When there’s only a couple of pieces you have to worry about, and [...]

Regular Magnetic Floor Sweeper

Regular Magnetic Floor Sweeper These models are incredibly strong and well built! Powerful ceramic magnets are encased in a durable aluminum housing which can be cleared of collected debris with work gloves or heavy shop towel. Regular Magnetic Floor Sweeper The 24″ model picks up 7.5 lbs. of 8-penny nails from 2″ height [...]

Industrial Magnetic Sweep

Industrial Magnetic Sweep, Strong Industrial Sweep The 18" wide body of this Industrial Magnetic Sweep can pick up about two pounds of material, whether it is metal shavings in a machine shop or fasteners on a construction site. When the quick-release handle on the aluminum housing is pulled up, the magnet bar withdraws to ensure quick [...]

What is a push magnetic sweeper?

Push magnetic sweeper is magnetic broom. A push magnetic sweeper is a type of magnetic sweeper that has wheels and a handle attached to the magnet to enable it to be pushed along the floor easily. Push magnetic sweepers are ideal for use in small spaces where pieces of metal have been dropped. There are [...]

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