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The Attraction Of Magnetic Filtration

The Attraction Of Magnetic Filtration So you have heard of magnetic filtration, but what exactly is it? According to American Machinist: “Efficient performance of coolants and lubricants is a challenge to engineers and machine tool operators — in terms of process efficiency, operating cost, and environmental compliance. Magnetic filtration is a relatively new concept that [...]

Are Oil Filter Magnets Worth It?

Are Oil Filter Magnets Worth It? You may have heard of oil filter magnets. They’re high quality magnets you put into your disposable oil filter. The purpose of an oil filter magnet is to create a magnetic field within the oil filter. A good quality magnet will trap the tiny ferrous metal particles in the [...]

How Magnetic Oil Filtration Helps Gearboxes Work Longer

How Magnetic Oil Filtration Helps Gearboxes Work Longer Have you wondered how exactly magnetic oil filtration can help the longevity of your vehicle? According to Design World Online: According to the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), gearbox problems are the number one cause of turbine downtime. Although the wind industry is getting a handle on [...]

Magnetic Filtration Applications And Benefits

Magnetic Filtration Applications And Benefits There are many benefits to using magnetic filtration. According to Machinery Lubrication: Oil filtration in automotive and industrial machinery is essential to achieving optimum performance, reliability and longevity. Lubricant cleanliness is highly important and lubrication practitioners are provided with numerous options for filtering and controlling contamination, including disposable filters, cleanable [...]


WHAT IS MAGNETIC FILTER & HOW DOES IT WORK? Magnetic Filter is a filtering and sorting device that uses magnetic force to absorb fine iron impurities in fluid and semi-fluid. It is usually installed inside or outside the hopper, discharge port, and transportation pipeline. When the material flows through the magnetic filter, the iron impurities [...]

How Magnetic Filtration Works

How Magnetic Filtration Works Simple Operation with Outstanding Results Magnetic filtration, also known as magnetic separation, allows for fluid to flow around a magnetic rod or core. This magnet attracts ferrous particles and removes them from the fluid, ensuring that clean fluids are returned to the contact area either on a machine tool or wash [...]

What Is Magnetic Filtration?

What Is Magnetic Filtration? Magnetic filtration is a method that removes iron particles from products that are in liquid or slurry form. It’s a method that can be used in nearly any environment where ferrous, para-magnetic, and grinding medium contamination is an issue. Magnetic filters make this type of filtration easy and effective. In fact, [...]

Magnetic Medical Filtration Systems

Magnetic Medical Filtration Systems Our magnetic filtration systems use advanced magnetic technology to ensure premium performance. Magnetic filtration is the most effective means of removing problem ferrous particles from industrial fluids. HSMAG provides water filtration systems, coolant filters and oil filtration systems. Its’ success is based an ability to remove almost 100% of ferrous contamination, [...]

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