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Magnetic Cubes

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Toy Magnets Need to be Banned for Good ?

Toy Magnets Need to be Banned for Good ? Over the course of little more than a month, we removed 54 tiny toy magnets from the digestive systems of four children. They were lucky: Despite invasive procedures and operations to repair holes in their intestines, their injuries were treated in time, and they will make [...]

Mighty Magnets – Magnetic Cubes

Mighty Magnets, Mighty Magnetic Cubes Unbelievably strong and yet so tiny - our Mighty Magnets will make you believe great things really do come in small packages. Use them to post a message, memo, card, menu, photo or list to any steel surface. Package of 12 3/16" cubes or package of 16 1/4" diam. dots (sold [...]

January 17th, 2017|Block Magnets, NdFeB, NeoCube, Neodymium Magnets|
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