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Magnetic chuck

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Customer Request Magnet Inquiries in HSMAG

Customer Request Magnet Inquiries in HSMAG The following is the main content of some customers' inquiries about magnetic components and magnets 1, Please send me a price for neodym-magnet N50, Size 50x30x10 (BxLxH)CuNiCu 2, we need arc magnets: r, R, L, degree 10mm, 7mm, 40mm, 45 22mm, 17mm, 40mm, 45 100 / 1000 pieces 3, [...]

Electromagnetic Chuck for Grinding

Electromagnetic Chuck for Grinding, Electromagnetic Chuck for Surface Grinding, Electromagnetic system Electromagnetic Chuck for Grinding - The coil system in the ElectroMagnetic chuck is designed to spread the heat optimally on the whole surface of the chuck. This is important for the machining of small and thin steel components for which these chucks are designed. Electrofine can [...]

Electropermanent systems by HSMAG

Electropermanent systems, electro-permanent magnetic system, electropermanent magnetic chucks Electropermanent systems by HSMAG - Electropermanent clamping systems are the combination of permanent and electromagnetic technology. They exploit the ability of some ferromagnetic materials to become a permanent magnet due to the fast action of strong direct current. In this state, they continue to function without the need of [...]

Permanent Magnetic System by HSMAG

Permanent magnets, Permanent Magnetic System, permanent magnetic chucks, permanent clamping system by HSMAG Permanent Magnetic System - In permanent magnetic chucks, we find the utilization of highly magnetized materials which in a particular arrangement facilitate the clamping of magnetic steel. Under normal conditions, they do not lose their magnetic force. permanent magnetic system chuck Activation [...]

Heavy Turning on a Magnetic Chuck

Magnetic Chucks both electro and permanent types were originally developed for light machining and more specifically for grinding operations.  This form of workholding is the best way of presenting the whole of the workpiece to the grinding wheel and at the same time clamping uniformly and very accurately. Why, therefore, has the same philosophy not [...]

March 21st, 2016|Magnetic Chuck|

Using a Magnetic Chuck to Mill a Round Bar Square

Milling a round bar square on a magnet may seem daunting to the uninitiated, but as the following data shows, if managed with the right top tooling, is quicker and more accurate than most conventional methods. The Back Parallel shown provides an accurate and square rail, that not only serves as a locator for the [...]

March 21st, 2016|Magnetic Chuck|

Magnetic Chucks for Milling

Electro-permanent-magnetic-chuck The manufacturing industry has recognized magnetic chucks as the first option for workholding steel parts on a milling machine. Magnetic workholding has proven to be better than conventional clamping methods because: It reduces set-up time Uniform clamping reduces vibration in the workpiece Greater accessibility to the workpiece Predictable and accurate clamping forces [...]

March 21st, 2016|Magnetic Chuck|

Magnetic Chucks

Magnetic chucks are primarily designed for holding ferro-metallic work pieces. They consist of an accurately centered permanent magnet face. Fixed ferrous plates or pole pieces, contained within a housing are brought into contact with electromagnets or permanent magnets. These pole pieces are usually flush with the housing surface. The part or work piece to be [...]

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