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Magnetic Capacity Pouches

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Magnetic Capacity Measurement

Magnetic Capacity Measurement 1. Magnetic capacity measurement a) Magnetic Properties: Br, Hcb, Hcj,(BH)max, Hk, Ms,μrec, Hk/ Hcj etc. b) The test instrument used is the Hysteresisgraph tester. c) Hcj value between 50 and 20,000 Oe can be measured. 2. Magnetic Properties at high and low temperatures (-40 to 250 ºC): Properties tested at any temperature [...]

Magnetic Photo Pockets and Capacity Pouches

Magnetic Photo Pockets and Capacity Pouches provide convenient storage of pens, keys and scissors. Photo pockets are handy for schedules, memos and signage. Magnetic Pockets - These clear non-acidic magnetic pockets are great for holding inventory labels and descriptions, photos, schedules, signs and more. They feature a white background creating a white border around inserts [...]

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