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Differences Between Various Stepper Motors

Differences Between Various Stepper Motors, Stepper motors: Differences between permanent magnet, variable reluctance, and hybrid types Stepper motors are commonly used in linear motion applications for their precise positioning capabilities and good holding torque. And while the basic operating principle is the same for all stepper motors, there are differences in operation and performance between [...]

Apple Tim Cook Tells Why Use China Mfg Capabilities of Magnets

Apple CEO Tim Cook Tells Why Use China Mfg Capabilities of Magnets China Magnets Mfg Capabilities - Apple CEO Tim Cook continued his China tour on Wednesday with an appearance at the Fortune Global Forum. He points out that: "There’s confusion about China that we are doing business there due to the low labor cost. [...]

Magnetic Design Capabilities

Magnetic Design Capabilities, Magnetic Design Capacity Introduction Complicated and highly efficient equipments require sophisticated engineering instruments and experienced engineers to acquire commercialized meritorious designs. HSMAG Magnetic Engineering has the professional magnetic solutions performance you rely on to achieve timely and economical cost design projects. Magnetic Design Capabilities Applications Engineering In case you have [...]

How to re-magnetise an old magnet ?

How to re-magnetise an old magnet ? Re-magnetise Old Magnet Even if your magnet is kept in top condition, it can still become demagnetised during its lifetime. An example of this is a samarium cobalt magnet which has been shown to naturally lose 1% of its magnetic capabilities over a period of 10 years. [...]

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