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Magnetic block

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Tiny NdFeB Magnets in Smartphones and Personal Electronics

Tiny NdFeB Magnets in Smartphones and Personal Electronics Small Tiny NdFeB Magnets in Smartphones Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets are an invisible part of every smart phone. These tiny magnets are critical to the function of the phone, working quietly behind the scenes inside the phone case. These internal magnets are typically used in the speaker, receiver, [...]

Usages of Neodymium Block Magnets

Usages of Neodymium Block Magnets Magnetic blocks are designed for applications that require straight-edged magnets. Block magnets are usually designed with specific dimensions in thickness, length, and width. The thicker these magnets are the more they can usually get magnetized. Because of their high energy and efficiency, neodymium block magnets are useful in many applications. [...]

Concrete Formwork Magnet System

Construction Precast Concrete Cerment Formwork Magnet, Concrete Formwork Magnet System (magnetic block lock system).The main function of this system is to completing the cement injection into a formwork structure , after concrete is hardened, removing the structure then assembling the dry walls and roofs to build house or apartment fast conveniently and fast. It is [...]

Magnetic Base Magnetic Force

Magnetic Base Magnetic Force - Magnets hold by magnetic force, which is the attraction of negative ions to positive ones. Magnetic base is switched on, in presence of magnetic surface is attracted to the metal The force of the magnet is measured in newtons - this is the strength of the magnet’s ability to attract [...]

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