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What Are Neodymium Speakers?

What Are Neodymium Speakers? Neodymium is an element with specific characteristics that make it particularly well suited for use in speakerconstruction. Speakers operate by using a magnetic field to generate motion in a coil and speaker cone to project an amplified sound signal. In neodymium speakers, the rare-earth element is used as the primary material [...]

How Are Neodymium Magnets Made?

How Are Neodymium Magnets Made? Neodymium magnets are made by a sophisticated process that includes some very high-tech metallurgical methods comprising powder metallurgy and advanced process metallurgy. Dozens of process steps must be followed very precisely to make Neodymium magnets –also known as NdFeB -for the chemical symbols of Neodymium, Iron and Boron. Process variations [...]

Neodymium Magnets Types

Neodymium Magnets Types Neodymium Bar Magnets - With Holes Our industrial magnets are used to adjust a variety of functions. We have all of the sizes, styles and materials that you will need for your various applications. If there isn't a stock size that meets your requirements, we can custom make an industrial magnet for [...]

Types of Magnets Used in Industrial Process Plants

Types of Magnets Used in Industrial Process Plants Ceramic Magnets – Strontium Ferrite (SrO·6Fe2O3) Typically, permanent ceramic magnets are made of strontium ferrite, which has a high coercivity rating and resistant to becoming demagnetized. Compared to other magnetic core materials, ceramic magnets are inexpensive and are widely used in heavy industrial applications. HSMAG utilizes ceramic [...]

What Exactly Is A “Strong” Magnet?

What Exactly Is A "Strong" Magnet? Aren't all magnets strong? What exactly makes a magnet "strong?" We reveal this ancient secret on our blog today. All magnets have a specific energy density that can be measured, and not surprisingly, some of these magnets have a greater strength than others. Take your everyday fridge magnet. These [...]

Glue Your Rare Earth Magnets in 3 Easy Steps

Glue Your Rare Earth Magnets in 3 Easy Steps Need help gluing your rare earth magnets? Here are our best expert tips and tricks for gluing rare earth magnets. Plus, download a FREE eBook! In many instances, glue and adhesives are used to help keep magnets in place. It may seem like a simple task, [...]

Why Do Speakers Have Magnets?

Why Do Speakers Have Magnets? Speakers have magnets because magnets create an opposing magnetic field which results in vibrations which are the sounds we hear. Let’s explain a bit further. As you already know, for speakers to work, they need electric current. This current goes through a coil in the speaker and creates a magnetic [...]

Types of Speaker Magnets

Types of Speaker Magnets Its a common question, which type of magnet is used in speakers? If you are new to the speaker world, you have to understand that every sound speaker, whether small or the most powerful one, all are designed with a permanent magnet. The magnet provides a permanent magnetic field for the [...]

What is the Strongest Commercial Permanent Magnet in the World

What is the Strongest Commercial Permanent Magnet in the World? The Strongest Permanent Magnet-Neodymium Magnets Neodymium Magnets At room temperature, the neodymium magnet is the most powerful permanent magnet. But this is only at room temperature. Early Neo magnets had an annoying flaw: they were sensitive to temperature, and when the temperature rose, the magnetism [...]

Three Types of Ferrite Magnet and Its Respective Use

Three Types of Ferrite Magnet and Its Respective Use According to different production processes, ferrite permanent magnet materials can be divided into three types: sintered ferrite magnet, bonded ferrite (Rubber magnet) and injection molded ferrite. According to different orientations of magnetic crystals, these three types of processes can be divided into Isotropic and allotropic magnets. [...]

Neodymium Magnets vs Ferrite Magnets

Neodymium Magnets vs Ferrite Magnets Neodymium vs Ferrite Magnets - A central question that comes up in a magnet trade study is how to decide whether to use a Neodymium magnet or a Ferrite magnet for a particular application. A trade study that seems very simple at first glance can quickly become more complex once [...]

Advantages of Magnetic Rods

Advantages of Magnetic Rods, Magnetic Bars Magnets have a very wide range of applications in life, but magnets are divided into many types, and magnetic rods are widely used in our lives because of their many characteristics, which determine that they can be more Good use of our own strengths creates more possibilities for our [...]

Which type of magnetic sweeper should you choose?

forklift truck trailer magnetic sweeper If you are using a magnetic sweeper for a large surface area, the best type to choose would be the trailer magnetic sweeper. This is because it can be easily attached to a variety of vehicles and moved over a large area easily. push magnetic sweepers pick [...]

August 8th, 2016|HSMAG News, Magnetic Kownledge, Magnetic Sweepers|

What is a magnetic sweeper?

magnetic sweeper pick up ferromagnetic material A magnetic sweeper is a type of magnet that is used to pick up dropped pieces of ferromagnetic material e.g. screws push magnetic sweepers pick up dropped material Magnetic sweepers make cleaning up dropped material fast and easy. They do this by attracting all the [...]

August 8th, 2016|HSMAG News, Magnetic Kownledge, Magnetic Sweepers|

What are the different types of permanent magnet?

There are many different types of permanent magnets available such as horseshoe magnets and weld clamp magnets. Here are a few details about the magnets covered in this guide: Bar magnets Bar magnets are a type of magnet where the length is greater than the width. They can be used in a large variety of [...]

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