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Magnet Tables

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Magnetic 3D Mapping System

Magnetic 3D Mapping System HS Magnetics utilizes various custom designed testing machines for magnetic measurements. Below are two magnetic mapping systems outlined with descriptions as a combination of our engineering solutions. Magnetic field mappers measures the field magnitude and direction over a predetermined range of positions. These measurements are made by accurately positioning a collection [...]

Permanent Magnets in Electric Vehicles

 Permanent Magnets in Electric Vehicles, Permanent Magnetics in Electric Vehicles EV Motors and permanent magnets Rare-Earth magnets are higher in cost than copper windings, making the option of using a magnet-less AC induction or brushed DC motor attractive. Many applications (vacuum cleaners, mixers, hair dryers, most home fans, etc) will opt for the less expensive [...]

How Strong is a 12000 Gauss magnet?

How strong is a 12000 Gauss magnet? Long answer: 12000 gauss = 1.2 tesla. If that’s a rare earth magnet, NdFeB, it’s about an N35. State of the art 15 years ago but now N48 is the garden variety and you can pay a little more and get up to N56 in quantity. B field [...]

Understanding Magnet Grades and Magnet Tables

Understanding Magnet Grades and Magnet Tables Each day we get asked questions about the differences in magnetic materials. Neodymium Magnets, Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) Magnets, Ceramic Magnets, Alnico Magnets, Bonded Magnets, and Injection Molded Magnets all have various options, and choosing the correct grade for your application is critical. This article will try to simplify how [...]

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