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Magnetic Speaker Systems

Magnetic Speaker Systems Speakers have been utilising permanent magnets since 1930 and in the last 87 years the core technology has remained largely unchanged. However, with the advent of new materials and ever increasing strength of Neodymium magnets the speaker is constantly been re-invented. None more striking than the B&W Nautilus, now superseded in terms [...]

Polymagnet Applications

Polymagnet Applications Polymagnets can be used in a wide variety of both consumer and industrial applications. New Polymagnets are regularly being added to the Polymagnet Catalog, continually increasing the range of applications that Polymagnets can be used for. What’s Special About Polymagnets Most off the shelf magnets have a simple nature. North on one side, [...]

Moving Magnet Systems

Moving Magnet Systems For applications that require non-contact, particle-free transport, such as clean rooms, vacuums, or chemical environments, a moving magnet linear motor meets the most demanding process requirements. In the case of clean room and vacuum applications, any particle-generating components must be positioned outside of the controlled environment to avoid degrading the environment. For [...]

Standard Holding Magnet Systems

Standard Holding Magnet Systems Holding Magnet Systems BY HSMAG - We carry an extensive selection of holding magnet systems in many designs for holding forces from 5 N – 900 N: Pot magnet assemblies with hard ferrite magnets Pot magnet assemblies with samarium cobalt magnets Pot magnet assemblies with neodymium iron boron magnets Rod magnet [...]

Magnetics 2017 Dates Announced

Magnetics 2017 Dates Announced Magnetics 2017, being held January 18-19, 2017 at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Fla., will focus on the latest advancements in magnetic applications, technology and materials. Serving OEM developers of products that utilize magnets and magnet systems, design engineers, OEM developers involved in HSMAG technology and magnetic effects, magnetics manufacturers [...]

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