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HOW OUR MAGNETIC COUPLING IS MADE Above a typical application History Longer than 40 years went out since we began collaborating with various Italian companies specialized in the design and construction of machines and systems to produce and molding polyurethane components. Many of these companies are now international leaders and are an excellence of the [...]


PERMANENT MAGNETIC COUPLING SOLUTIONS BY HSMAG INNOVATION QUALITY EXPERIENCE A magnetic coupling is a system that transfers torque from one shaft to another using a magnetic field rather than a physical mechanical connection.Magnetic couplings are the most of the times used in pumps and propeller systems. This way a static physical barrier can be placed [...]

WHAT is Sintered Neodymium?

WHAT is Sintered Neodymium? Neodymium magnets are the most widely used magnetic materials available today. The processing of sintered NdFeB magnet is powder metallurgy. Due to its high Remanence, Coercivity, energy product, small size, light weight, and other special characteristics, the sintered NdFeB magnet can be widely used besides in electro-acoustic components, medical devices, sensors, [...]

Magnet for IoT Internet of Things: Sensors & Sensing

Magnet for IoT Internet of Things: Sensors & Sensing What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? Devices, vehicles, home appliances, handheld electronics, thermostats, mobile phones, and sensors…These items are denoted by the word “Things” when referring to the Internet of Things. Basically, The Internet of Things it is an umbrella phrase used to address the [...]

Customized Micro Magnet Solution by HSMAG

Customized Micro Magnet Solution by HSMAG HSMAG' Customized Micro Magnet is always pleased to offer you new tiny magnet solution. Based on your demand, we will produce test product for long term cooperation. University study, institute research and new product development are mostly welcome. Customized Micro Magnet Solution by HSMAG Technology is the [...]

Automotive Application Bonded Magnets

Automotive Application Bonded Magnets: Automotive/Truck Applications To protect our global environment policies and legislations are becoming more and more important. As a result there is a strong focus to develop cars being more environmental friendly, to reduce fuel consumption and last but not least to increase safety. Due to this the automotive market must be [...]

Printable Magnetic Sheet Products

Printable Magnetic Sheet Products - MAGNET PRINTING - OFFSET, SCREEN, INKJET STANDARD VINYL Magnetic sheeting for print is available in standard magnetic strength in thicknesses from .015" to .060". Thicknesses over .030" can also be double sided magnetized. Rolls are 24.375" wide from 25 ft. to 100 ft. depending on thickness. Colors are available in [...]

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