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HSMAG Customer Magnet Quotes

HSMAG Customer Magnet Quotes The following is the main content of some customers' order and quote inquiries about magnetic components and magnets: 1 I WANT TO BUY AND SEND ME TO GREECE 32 PIECES N50 50X30X20 IS IT POSSIBLE? AND WHAT IS THE PRICE WITH TRANSPORTATION. HSMAG Customer Magnet Quotes 2 How much [...]

Magnets Attract African Kids To Science

Magnets Attract African Kids To Science - A postcard from Dr Graham Walker in Zimbabwe Magnets are quite extraordinary. Imagine, a special sort of rock that can stick to some things but not others, and sticks to itself one way but pushes apart the other. It's actually pretty weird when you think about it, and [...]

5 Simple Household Magnet Hacks

There are many great qualities that magnets possess, like strength and reliability. But what may be their best quality is their usefulness. In addition to the obvious, like holding photos on your fridge, magnets have the ability to perform several tasks you may not have thought of yet. There are plenty of DIY magnet projects [...]

April 7th, 2016|Magnet Projects|
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