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magnet mount kit

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Neodymium Magnet Base with Rubber Coating

Neodymium Magnet Base with Rubber Coating, and 1/4”-20 Male Threaded Stud, Vertical Magnetic Pull-Force 18.5lbs No-Slip,Anti-Scratch Strong Magnet Mount for Camera, Pan Heads Much Stronger of Rubber Coated Neodymium Magnet: 18.5lb Vertical Magnetic Pull Force On Base of 0.33''(10mm) Thickness Steel Plate due to Neodymium Magnet N42. No scratch and bigger friction of magnet: the [...]

DIY Inexpensive Gun Magnet Mount

DIY Inexpensive Gun Magnet Mount - Recently, a Reddit user created a simple DIY tutorial to make an inexpensive gun magnet mount using a few easily obtainable parts. In the process of building our own, we decided to make a few upgrades on the materials and wanted to share our results. The materials required for this [...]

Mounting the device magnet-mount kit

Mounting the device with a magnet, magnet-mount kit, magnetic mount kit Use the magnet-mount kit to mount the device on a metal wall or a metal surface, including underneath a metal desk. The magnet-mount kit is available for order separately from the device and consists of a single magnet sheet. magnet-mount kit Before mounting the device [...]

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