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Magnet Magnetization

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Hot Pressed NdFeB Ring Magnets

Hot Pressed NdFeB Ring Magnets, Strong Permanent NdFeB Magnet for DC Motor / Ring Motor Magnet, Neodymium /Permanet NdFeB/Hot Pressed Magnet for BLDC Motor, Neodymium Hot Pressed Magnet / Permanent NdFeB Hot Extrusion Magnet The hot pressed NdFeB Ring Magnets by HSMAG include two types. Hot pressed isotropic NdFeB magnet (MQ2) & Hot extruded anisotropic [...]

Magnetization Direction of Square Ndfeb Block Magnet

Magnetization Direction of Square Ndfeb Block Magnet About ndfeb block (square) magnet, the introduction on the Internet is not a lot, today the china magnet manufacturer HSMAG To introduce its magnetization type and production cycle.Hope to help you! First about the delivery date of ndfeb block magnet: the delivery date of block magnet is related [...]

Magnetization Direction

Magnetization Direction The magnetization occurs during the process of shaping the magnet, this means there is no magnet without this step. Below you will find information about the magnetization of our magnets according to their form: Disc neodymium magnets About 95% of our discmagnets are axially magnetized. That is to say the magnetic poles are [...]

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