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Synchronous Traction Motor Permanent Magnets

Synchronous Traction Motor Permanent Magnets Using high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials, no carbon brushes, permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine can drive efficiency up to 90%. It effectively improves the energy efficiency with energy saving, environmental protection, low speed and high torque characteristics. Gearless traction machine can be dividedinto the inner rotor and outer [...]

Neodymium N48 Special Triangle Shaped Magnets from New Customer

Today, An inquiry from new customer: want to receive a quotation for Neodymium N48 Special Triangle Shaped Magnets. Thank you. Yes, We can production it, all special shaped magnets. Super-strong Neodymium Triangle Shaped Magnets, sometimes referred to as Rare Earth magnets, are among the most powerful magnets available today. These north/south poled magnets are great [...]

HSMAG Toroid Magnet Design Achieves Self-Contained Magnetic Field

Toroid Magnet Design HangSeng Magnetech was recently engaged to produce a unique toroid magnet with a self-contained and homogenous field. While the design parameters seemed challenging, George Mizzell was able to develop and design a magnet that far exceeded expectations. Toroid Magnet Design The customer request was to develop a toroid magnet that was in [...]

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