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Magnet Application

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How Helpful are Powerful Magnets in Daily Life?

How Helpful are Powerful Magnets in Daily Life? With the continuous advancement of technology, the use of powerful magnets is becoming more and more extensive, so where can powerful magnets be used in our daily life? What are the advantages of strong magnets that make many products widely used? HSMAG strong magnet How Helpful [...]

The Great Advantages of NdFeB Magnets in Magnetic Therapy Field

The Great Advantages of NdFeB Magnets in Magnetic Therapy Field Ningbo HSMAG Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in two major parts: 1. Industrial supplies: sintered NdFeB, bonding NdFeB and magnetic components, 2. Civilian supplies: gun magnets, rubber magnets, salvage hooks, rotating hooks , magnetic hooks such as square hooks. Among them, the main [...]

Application of Strong Magnet in Automobile and Computer Industry

Application of Strong Magnet in Automobile and Computer Industry The strong NdFeB magnet produced by Ningbo NdFeB manufacturer is a high-performance permanent magnet material. The production cost of NdFeB permanent magnet material mainly comes from raw material cost, labor cost and energy consumption cost. Shenzhen NdFeB manufacturers have attracted much attention in many modern industries. [...]

Plastic Injection Magnet Application Classification

Plastic Injection Magnet Application Classification Precise ring magnet for micro motor used for automobile gauges motor, timekeeper motor,cooling fan micro motor. Product characteristics: High dimensional accuracy, small concentricity and multipole magnetizing. Plastic injection magnet rotor assembly suitable for automotive gauges. Product characteristics: Simultaneous incorporating shaft, high requirements for radial run-out. Plastic Injection Magnet Application [...]

Magnet Motor Application

Magnet Motor Application In the design of permanent magnet DC motor, dc motor magnet shapes and sizes, including commutation performance has a very important effect on motor performance. Select the appropriate shapes and sizes of permanent magnet for DC motor are important. Tile-shaped magnetic pole structure is one common pole permanent magnet DC motor structure. [...]

Magnet Medical Application

Magnet Medical Application HSMAG Magnet manufactures many medical magnets such as neodymium magnets, which are widely used in MRI, medical instruments, medical therapy products etc. Magnet Medical Application Magnetic Resonance Imaging manufacturers used large quantity of neodymium permanent magnets in their medical machines. It can diagnose the abnormal tissue of human body, disease. [...]

Magnet IT&Communication Application

Magnet IT&Communication Application In computer hard disk drives, rare earth magnets are also used in the voice coil motors (VCM) that drive the heads that read and write the signals. Rare earth magnets are used in CD/DVD reading and writing heads (optic pickups) to accurate read the video and audio signals. Magnet IT&Communication Application [...]

Magnets for Automotive Industry

Magnets for Automotive Industry, Magnet Application In every automobile and in future designs, the number of electric DC motors and solenoids is well into the double figures. They are found, for example in: Electric windows – motor. Windshield wipers – motor. Door locking systems–solenoid. Magnets for Automotive Industry One of the most important components [...]

Main NdFeB Magnet Application

Main NdFeB Magnet Application Main Application OF NdFeB Magnet, NdFeB Magnet Application , NdFeb magnets ( neodymium magnets) are having strong magnetic properties, therefore neodymium magnets are widely applied in high tech areas, energy domain and areas of daily life. Wind generation,MRI,CT,electrical cars,cellphones,DC motors, AC motors, serve motors, linear mortors,sensors,magnetic instruments, meters, operators, electrical bike, [...]

What is a rare earth magnet?

As the name suggests, rare earth magnets are made from alloys of rare earth materials. These strong permanent magnets, developed in the 1970’s, are the strongest permanent magnets available, even stronger than ferrite and alnico magnets. However, the name is a bit misleading; the “rare earth” elements theses magnets are made from are not, in [...]

Examples of applications using Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnet Application Applications OF Neodymium Magnets Computer Hard Drive Magnets Microphones Headphones Dentures Loudspeakers Magnetic Pump Couplings Door Catches Magnetic Suspension Motors (e.g. washing machines, drills, food mixers, vacuum cleaners, hand dryers) Generators (e.g. Wind turbines, Wave Power, Turbo Generators, etc) Sensors Orthopaedics Halbach Arrays Jewellery Healthcare MRI and NMR Magnetic Separators [...]

HangSeng Magnetech Magnet Applications

Magnet Applications At HSMAG Magnets, our specialty is custom fabricating! We design, engineer and manufacture magnetic assemblies and industrial magnetic devices for our customers' specific requirements, and take pride in the quality and performance of our products.provides a vast quantity of magnetic solutions for manufacturing applications Motor & Automotive Magnets Motor [...]

The Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Material

The Rare Earth Permanent Magnetic Material, Rare earth permanent magnet, samarium cobalt (SmCo) permanent magnet, neodymium iron boron permanent magnet (NdFeB), Sintered magnets Rare earth permanent magnetic material is the samarium, neodymium rare earth metal and transition metal (such as cobalt, iron and so on) the composition of the alloy, powder metallurgy method of pressure sintering, a magnetic [...]

“C”-shaped High Field Permanent Magnet Assemblies

“C”-shaped High Field Permanent Magnet Assemblies HS Magnetech recently announced the design and development of a 2+ Tesla Permanent Magnet Assembly for a Magnetic Research and Development application in the medical industry. We developed this “C” magnet technology to induce a high magnetic field into a defined area. The “C” magnet is one [...]

HSMAG Toroid Magnet Design Achieves Self-Contained Magnetic Field

Toroid Magnet Design HangSeng Magnetech was recently engaged to produce a unique toroid magnet with a self-contained and homogenous field. While the design parameters seemed challenging, George Mizzell was able to develop and design a magnet that far exceeded expectations. Toroid Magnet Design The customer request was to develop a toroid magnet that was in [...]

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