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LZ Brackets

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How to Use Electromagnetic Locks

Here are some suggestions and recommendations for the installation and functionality testing to Use Electromagnetic Locks: electromagnetic-lock-feature-illustration Use Electromagnetic Locks - The electromagnetic lock requires a face to face fitting as shown in the illustration. Otherwise, the holding force will decrease (direction of hydraulic press pull must be collinear). electromagnetic-lock-and-armature-plate Install [...]

Electromagnetic Lock Brackets

Electromagnetic Lock Brackets Electromagnetic Lock Brackets - Electromagnetic lock models have various optional brackets to choose from based on the door frame width requirement, for attractiveness & aesthetical appearance. electric lock brackets type inclued: L bracket, LZ bracket, Z bracket, U bracket, Brackets for armature plate and other special brackets. "L" Brackets for Narrow Door Frames L-brackets [...]

October 18th, 2016|Electromagnet, Electromagnetic, Electromagnets|
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