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Linear Magnetic Scale

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Magnetic Scale Technology

Magnetic Scale Technology - The unique HSMAG scale production technology serves many customer requirements regarding accuracy, precision and economy that cannot be met by other magnetizing processes.  The patented HSMAG scale producing method is digitally driven and can produce any pattern with the highest accuracy. The scale is produced is many steps ensuring the highest [...]

Magnetic Measurement for Sensor Technology

Magnetic measurement is using a scale where the patterns are defined with magnetic north and south poles. The different types of sensor technology - Hall sensors or magneto resistive sensors - are used to read the magnetic pattern and convert them to a electric signal that is used for a motion controller or other electronic [...]

Linear Magnetic Scale Incremental

Linear Magnetic Scale Incremental, Magnetic Linear Scale - HSMAG new products supply! Linear Magnetic Scale Incremental Linear Magnetic Scale Incremental Features: Magnetically encoded tape Carrier material: Stainless steel (H = 0.3 mm) Length: 1000 mm Width: 10 mm Total height: 1.3 mm Single pole length: 5 mm Accuracy class: ± 10 µm/m Self-adhesive Print: [...]

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