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Knife Organizer

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Magnetic Kitchen Utilities Organizer Holder

Magnetic Kitchen Utilities Organizer Holder, Stainless Steel Knife Rack, Magnetic Kitchen Utensils, Tools, Utilities Organizer Holder, Refrigerator Magnet Optional Wall-Mounted Knife Holder Magnetic Strip, 16 Magnetic Knife Holder Bar Instant Access To Your Kitchen Utensils Whenever You Need Them The Magnetic Utensil Holder is meant for every day use. From cooking, to working at your [...]

In-drawer Knife Organizer vs. Magnetic Knife Strip

In-drawer Knife Organizer vs. Magnetic Knife Strip Tossing the knives in the drawer can damage the sharp edges. With a magnetic knife bar, you can solve many of the issues related to blade quality as well as the appearance of your kitchen. If your current storage methods have damaged your knife blades, you can easily [...]

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