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Internal threaded stud pot magnet

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Magnetic Studs

 Magnetic Studs,  Stud Magnets use method, magnetic tool holder With these simple magnetic studs, you can add a magnetic tool holder just about anywhere you can drill a 1/4" hole. Magnetic Studs With a 5/8" diameter head, the black oxide finished steel body has an embedded 1/2" rare-earth magnet at one end and a wide-thread screw [...]

Which type of pot magnet should you choose?

types-of-pot-magnets Pot magnets can be used in a variety of different ways. Each magnet has particular features which specialise them for these tasks. Countersunk pot magnets Countersunk pot magnet attached to an exhibition display sign A countersunk pot magnet should be chosen when a pot magnet needs to be attached to a non-ferromagnetic [...]

Which ways to use a pot magnet ?

Which ways to use a pot magnet, Pot magnets application, what are pot magnets used for There are many ways to use a pot magnet. To illustrate their applicability, here are a few examples: Magnetic light fittings Magnetic down light being held by a stud pot magnet Internal threaded stud pot magnets can be used [...]

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