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Plastic Mounting Magnets

Plastic Mounting Magnets, Plastic integrated magnets It's special magnetic system of permanent magnets in plastic housing with protective cap, do not damage the magnet part and paintwork of the vehicle or any painting surface. The plastic coated magnets could be customized as client's request.the plastic mounting magnets are widely used in Antenna,taxi top sign;the plastic [...]

Shuttering Profile / Shutters / Form Works by HSMAG

Shuttering Profile / Shutters / Form Works by HSMAG After lowering the shuttering profiles on the marking the integrated magnets are activated and locked. The shuttering profile is pressed precisely to the shuttering by the integrated magnets. Custom Trapezoid Void Forming Magnets Shuttering profile / Shutters are manufactured / custom-made as per client’s [...]

Shuttering Magnets for Precast Concrete Industry

shuttering_magnetic_box_with_color_zinc_plating Shuttering Magnets for Precast Concrete Industry, Magnetic shuttering and formwork systems for precast concrete production We offer a wide range of magnetic holder systems for production of prefabricated concrete elements. Magnets are available with formwork profile and integrated magnets (Formwork System) or as separate units (Magnetic holders, shuttering magnets), which can be [...]

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