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Industrial Use Magnet

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Magnet Use Precautions

Magnet Use Precautions The following are precautions regarding the use of magnets. Please read before using magnet products. 1. The magnet should ensure that the workplace is clean during use, so as to prevent fine impurities such as iron filings from being adsorbed on the magnetic The iron surface affects the normal use of the [...]

What Are the Uses of Industrial Magnets

What Are the Uses of Industrial Magnets Magnets are a great invention. They can be used for so many things, such as sticking something on the door of your refrigerator or holding together two ends of a piece of jewelry. They are commonly found in classrooms, in offices, on white boards, and in most kitchens. [...]

Types of Magnets Used in Industrial Process Plants

Types of Magnets Used in Industrial Process Plants Ceramic Magnets – Strontium Ferrite (SrO·6Fe2O3) Typically, permanent ceramic magnets are made of strontium ferrite, which has a high coercivity rating and resistant to becoming demagnetized. Compared to other magnetic core materials, ceramic magnets are inexpensive and are widely used in heavy industrial applications. HSMAG utilizes ceramic [...]

What use are magnets?

What use are magnets? Maybe you think magnets are interesting; maybe you think they're boring! What use are they, you might ask, apart from in childish magic tricks and scrapyards? You might be surprised just how many things around you work by magnetism or electromagnetism. Every electric appliance with an electric motor in it (everything [...]

Industrial Use Magnet

Industrial Use Magnet - For most people, when they think of a magnet they think of a simple item that sticks to a refrigerator door, or a clasp that holds a piece of jewelry together. But there is a whole other world of magnets classified for industrial use. In fact, if you look around your [...]

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