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Industrial magnets

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Scrap Handling Magnets

Scrap Handling Magnets HSMAG Scrap Magnets have been engineered and specifically designed to fit all scrap processing operations. We offer various models that come in a range of sizes from 30” to 100” and are designed for top operational efficiency and lasting durability. Scrap Handling Magnets Not all lifting magnets are suitable to be industrial [...]

What Are the Uses of Industrial Magnets

What Are the Uses of Industrial Magnets Magnets are a great invention. They can be used for so many things, such as sticking something on the door of your refrigerator or holding together two ends of a piece of jewelry. They are commonly found in classrooms, in offices, on white boards, and in most kitchens. [...]

Magnetic Separators Magnet Safety

Magnetic Separators Magnet Safety Industrial strength Magnetic Separators play a very important role in manufacturing facilities across the world. If handled properly, they are a safe, efficient way of removing unwanted ferrous contamination from a valuable product. If not handled properly, injuries have ranged from the minor pinched finger to the more serious crushed hand [...]

Industrial Magnets Encyclopedia from HSMAG

Industrial Magnets Encyclopedia from HSMAG Every day, different people working in different industries are dealing with a wealth of equipments or devices that contain various magnetic parts or custom magnet components. In this article, HSMAG magnet factory, one of influentially large magnet product manufacturing facilities, will walk you through magnet details about its classification, material, [...]

Permanent Super Strong Neodymium Magnets People Use Industry

What do people use magnets for? Permanent Super Strong Neodymium Magnets People Use Industry This is a very common question often asked when people talk about magnets. The simplest answer we can give is that “they are used in almost every commercial application across the world, from industrial manufacturing and consumer electronic devices to sustainable [...]

HSMAG PRODUCTS Magnets for Toys and Games

HSMAG PRODUCTS Magnets for Toys and Games For more than 20 years, HSMAG has been developing and manufacturing magnetic products. In addition to toys and games, our company makes products for educational, industrial, residential and other environments. Not all of these products are intended for children. HSMAG Magnets toys and games are carefully tested according [...]

HSMAG Showed ComVac Asia 2018 in Shanghai

HSMAG Showed ComVac Asia 2018 in Shanghai HSMAG Win New Opportunities During 06th-09th Nov. 2018, the Air Compressor Exhibition was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. At this exhibition, we mainly displayed industrial magnets such as compressor motor magnets, servo motor magnets, elevator magnets, new energy vehicle motor magnets and wind generator magnets, etc. [...]

Are Strong Magnets Harmful to Human Body?

Are Strong Magnets Harmful to Human Body? With the rapid development of technology, STRONG magnets are also used in magnetic therapy, so what is the role of high-tech magnetic therapy in the human body? The earth itself has a very strong magnetic field, so that the human body has a kind of adaptability to the [...]

Industrial Magnets

Industrial magnets are high-strength magnets that have certain characteristics that make them ideal for applications in the industrial industry. In general, a wide spectrum of industries are increasingly using high-strength magnets to do all kinds of work, from physical metal lifting and separating to motor activation and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Different applications require different [...]


HSMAG New FAQ How do I place an order? High itech magnetics accepts online orders, fax orders and phone orders. What are my payment options? You can make payment with paypal, west union and wire transfer. How soon can I expect to receive products from High Itech Magnetics after I place order? We ship goods [...]

HSMAG New Product Uniform Magnetic Equipment for Client

HSMAG New Design Product - Uniform Magnetic Equipment, Industrial Magnetic Assembly for Our a Old Client Uniform Magnetic Equipment - Our company collaborated with a laboratory and completed the testing of uniform magnetic field equipment with charged particles. As shown in the figure, the equipment consists of two sections of N50 big block magnets with [...]

Where To Buy Our Magnets – HSMAG FAQ 1

Where To Buy Our Magnets - HSMAG FAQ  QUES: Do our local magnets shop buy from China? ANS: Almost all of the rare earth magnets are imported from China. Local shops order in batch quantity and have these magnets shipped by sea to decrease their delivery costs. buy magnet QUES: Is it necessary [...]

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What are Some Uses for Industrial Magnets?

Industrial magnets come in a wide range of types, shapes, sizes and strengths. They are utilized across a diverse spectrum of industries for an equally diverse set of purposes. Particular uses of industrial magnets depend upon particular requirements. Industrial magnets for dockside-derrick-crane The Magnetic Materials Producers Association (MMPA) and the Magnetic Distributors and [...]

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