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Hyperloop vs. world’s fastest trains

Just how fast would the Hyperloop transportation system envisioned by entrepreneur Elon Musk have to be? Try more than twice as fast as the fastest commercial train in the world. On Monday, Musk unveiled details about what he called a highly speculative project. But, when the guy speculating has already sent private rockets into outer [...]


Background When the California “high speed” rail was approved, I was quite disappointed, as I know many others were too. How could it be that the home of Silicon Valley and JPL – doing incredible things like indexing all the world’s knowledge and putting rovers on Mars – would build a bullet train that is [...]

Hyperloop One tests high-speed transport propulsion system

Company carries out public track run of prototype that might one day rocket commuters between San Francisco and Los Angeles in a supersonic pod Hyperloop, the supersonic transport system proposed by tech billionaire Elon Musk, has taken a tentative step towards reality with the first public test of a prototype propulsion system. One of the [...]

Hyperloop firm shows off the magnetic tech that will help it move at 760 mph

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT), one of the companies building the super-fast transport system thought up by billionaire Elon Musk, has unveiled the magnetic technology that will allow the pods to levitate and move. Hyperloop works by transporting a number of passengers in capsules that would be propelled by magnets at a speed of 760 miles [...]

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