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Grain Boundary Diffusion

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The New Technology PVD of Our Magnets

The New Technology PVD of Our Magnets, Physical vapour deposition (PVD) Grain boundary diffusion process (Dysprosium, Terbium) Key word: High HCJ & High (BH)max & High thermal stability Current situation: Comprehensive properties limited. N50H, N48SH, N45UH, N35EH. High HCJ & (BH) max unavailable or not common in the market, such as N50UH, N48EH, N50SH, N48UH. [...]

Ce Substitution Level in NdFeB Magnets

Ce Substitution Level in NdFeB Magnets Ce substitution level in Nd-Fe-B magnets has been significantly increased via the binary main phase (BMP) approach, i.e. sintering the mixture of Ce-free and Ce-containing RE 2 Fe 14 B (RE, rare earth) powders. REFe 2 phase that forms in the high Ce-containing Nd-Ce-Fe-B magnets has been considered to [...]

GBD Process NdFeB Magnet

GBD Process NdFeB Magnet – The Way to Deal with Rising Price of Rare Earth Rare earth prices have gone up again recently. If you want to ask how to deal with rising price of rare earth, GBD process NdFeB magnet is a good solution for high-end neodymium magnets. NdFeB permanent magnets are made of [...]

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