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Ferrite Magnetic Round Base

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Magnetic Spotlight w/ Control Handle

Magnetic Spotlight w/ Control Handle - 70 Watt Halogen - Adjustable - Waterproof, 24 Volt - Hand Magnetic spotlight - Military HUMVEE - 10 Million Candle Power HSMAG's magnetic mounting base design for client, be used customer' s product magnetic spotlight with control handle 24 volt. The magnetic base also called kown as Ferrite Magnetic Round [...]

Customer’s Heavy Duty Magnetic Flashlight Holder

Ferrite Magnetic Round Base 5 inch dia HSMAG's customer product Heavy Duty Magnetic Flashlight Holder or Tool Holder usd our pot magnets, 5' Dia Ferrite Magnetic Round Base: Pot Magnet Merial: Ferrite or Ceramic Diameter: 5-inch Pull Force: 200 pound Coating: Black Magnetic FlashLight Holder can accommodate any size, shape or weight flashlight. 200 pound [...]

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