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Electromagnetic Lock Brackets

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Advantages of HSMAG Electromagnetic Lock

Over the years, we have invested our efforts into the designing and improvements of our electromagnetic locks. We are proud of our market leadership and products with high standards with thoughtful designs. We will continue to provide superior quality control with electromagnetic locks to our customers with the following features and Electromagnetic Lock Advantages: Excellent [...]

How to Use Electromagnetic Locks

Here are some suggestions and recommendations for the installation and functionality testing to Use Electromagnetic Locks: electromagnetic-lock-feature-illustration Use Electromagnetic Locks - The electromagnetic lock requires a face to face fitting as shown in the illustration. Otherwise, the holding force will decrease (direction of hydraulic press pull must be collinear). electromagnetic-lock-and-armature-plate Install [...]

Electromagnetic Lock Brackets

Electromagnetic Lock Brackets Electromagnetic Lock Brackets - Electromagnetic lock models have various optional brackets to choose from based on the door frame width requirement, for attractiveness & aesthetical appearance. electric lock brackets type inclued: L bracket, LZ bracket, Z bracket, U bracket, Brackets for armature plate and other special brackets. "L" Brackets for Narrow Door Frames L-brackets [...]

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