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electromagnetic eddy current

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The Relationship Between Electricity and Magnetism

The Relationship Between Electricity and Magnetism Together, these two phenomena form the basis for electromagnetism Electricity and magnetism are separate yet interconnected phenomena associated with the electromagnetic force. Together, they form the basis for electromagnetism, a key physics discipline. Key Takeaways: Electricity and Magnetism Electricity and magnetism are two related phenomena produced by the electromagnetic [...]

Hands-on Electromagnetic Experiments and Electromagnet FAQ

Can't get enough of hands-on electromagnetic experiments? We have some more ideas for you to try: What is the magnetic power of a single coil wrapped around a nail? Of 10 turns of wire? Of 100 turns? Experiment with different numbers of turns and see what happens. One way to measure and compare a magnet's [...]


LAMINATED MAGNET ASSEMBLY LAMINATED MAGNET ASSEMBLY is to cut the whole magnet into many small pieces of magnet, and then use specific glue to bond together. These small magnets are insulated from each other and enable to cut down electromagnetic eddy current. When the permanent magnet motor is running, the motor will generate harmonic and [...]

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